How Meet Ups can get involved

There are over 10 000 coding clubs and digital Meet Ups in the UK some are aimed at children learning to code and some are aimed at adults. The Meet Ups may be a place for people who are already in the industry to share ideas whilst others are open to absolute beginners.

If you are part of a code club or meet-up share what you are doing with us on social media using the #NationalCodingWeek or tag us in a photo @codingweek
Organise events during national coding week. The events don’t have to be exclusively about coding. Suggestions:

Talks about careers in coding followed by Q&A Hands on coding demonstration with tips on how to get started
Organise a hackathon

Offer a hands on 2 hour session for beginners showing people how to install a text editor and write some code. The sessions could also be aimed at those who can already write code but offer tips, techniques, updates or workarounds or even introduce a new language.

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Meet Claire Witcher

Claire shares how her Meet Up has been embracing National Coding Week and running events for the past two years.

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