How Schools can get involved

Children learn digital skills as part of their curriculum so it is easy for schools to get involved in National Coding Week. We know that schools are busy places so here are three ways you can join in the fun:
Share what you are doing with us on social media using the #NationalCodingWeek or tag us in a photo @codingweek

Organise an event during National Coding Week with the aim of children learning new skills or children sharing their skills with others. Examples of learning and sharing include:

Share Your Skills – involves planning a digital skills lesson and delivering it to your classmates. Create a simple lesson plan of what you will be teaching your class. The ‘lesson’ can be any time from 15 minutes to 60 minutes and it can be taught by a single person or a group of 5 maximum. Each individual needs to have a clear role.


Stay Safe Online  – involves planning a stay safe online  lesson and delivering it to your classmates. Research a stay safe online topic, examples are listed below but you could choose any topic that is important to you: Data Protection | Cyber Security | Social Media Management | Privacy settings | Passwords management | Knowing who you are communicating with (stranger danger)

Organise cross-curricular events or specific events aimed at Students, Teachers, Governors and Families.


Sector Story

Barking & Dagenham College

Organised National Coding Week events  aimed at young adults who had little or no coding experience. Over 270 students took part. The students were studying subjects as diverse as forestry and sports studies. The college also encouraged and supported students who had learning disabilities or who were disabled.


School Stories

School Stories

The Digital Revolution

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