How Libraries can get involved

The UK has approximately 4000 libraries with over 50% of the population possessing a current library card. With 225 million physical visits to public libraries in England in 2015 and 96 million visits to institution websites they are one of the most popular and trusted public services.

So if you work in a library or are a member of your local library you too can get involved in National Coding Week.
Share what you are doing with us on social media using the #NationalCodingWeek or tag us in a photo @codingweek.
Libraries are in an ideal position to act as a focal point and can host a coding session or an introduction to digital skills session. Either the staff can lead the session or someone who is confident and familiar with coding from the local community can share their skills.

Organise a series of courses linked to employment opportunities or organise a skills based course that helps people become more aware of cyber security and protecting themselves from online threats.

Sector Story

Meet Ed Jewell

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Library Stories

Library Stories

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Intro National Coding Week is looking for beacons of good practice; examples of people or organisations who help others gain confidence and skills when learning

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