Meet Claire – CodeUP Founder

19th August 2018


National Coding Week is an initiative that speaks right to the heart of the CodeUp

organisation and everything we stand for. Founded in 2014 with the aim to provide free and friendly adult coding tuition to adults in Manchester, we now run in 13 locations across the UK, from North Wales to Leeds and Lancaster to Stoke on Trent.

CodeUP Locations

Django Girls and Rails Girls

In 2017, we ran a joint Django Girls and Rails Girls workshop for 50 women in Manchester, and our regular monthly meetup included a short talk on Agile FreeCodeCamp by Pete Daily, a previous attendee turned software developer turned mentor! Chester and Huddersfield saw packed monthly meetups and CodeUp Keele ran an extra workshop introducing people to making games with Javascript.

We’ll be planning tons more for this year too, so keep your eyes peeled for news from your local branch!

Our passion is learning. as we reach adulthood, attending a learning environment so often comes at a cost. any cost is a barrier. We believe in providing the opportunity for adults to learn how to create great digital experiences; whether that’s writing an app for a smartphone or creating a website for fun. Most importantly, we provide that opportunity without the barriers; We don’t sell you anything and we won’t charge you anything. We’ll give you a way to learn digital skills in a fun, friendly and inclusive environment.

All we ask is to bring along your enthusiasm a drive to learn something new. In addition to our regular monthly meetups, September sees a multitude of other events pop up in celebration of National Coding Week each year.

Claire’s Tips

  1. If you already run a meet up then organise an event especially for National Coding Week and reach out to new members

  2. Alternatively use National Coding Week to share, showcase or celebrate what your members are doing

  3. You might even want to start a new meet up using National Coding Week as an inspiration! organisations such as CodeUp has grown from a small idea to a big community – you can join your local branch or even start your own. Check out the Organiser Manual on our website for more information.