Help to grow your digital community: Join our Ambassador programme

Love coding? Want to help inspire others to get involved? This is the perfect opportunity for you.

We are looking for 12 ambassadors to help promote National Coding Week. If you are enthusiastic, have a "can do" attitude and can help to organise three or more events in your area, then you could join our team.

As an Ambassador, your duties will be to:

  1. Organise three or more events in 2017. These can be small scale and in libraries, schools, hubs, or bigger. It's entirely up to you. You don't have to do this all by yourself - you can get others to help. You are the driver and inspiration.
  2. Liaise with National Coding Week HQ and let us know your plans.
  3. Tweet and publicise via social media on a regular basis using the hashtag: #NationalCodingWeek.

It's as easy as that!
National Coding Week is a movement of volunteers and we rely on volunteers to inspire others.

It isn't a paid position but it'll be great experience - and fun!

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Become the next person to CodeGet involved in National Coding Week 17th September 2018
Welcome to National Coding Week

Our aim is to inspire people to learn coding and other digital skills during the week

Reverse Mentoring

Learn from someone younger (or older) than you

Learn Online

Visit sites such as Codecademy or Treehouse

Face to Face

Attend a local course in your area

Meet Jonathan - Head of Events National Coding Week

Learning to code changed my life, learn more about my journey and some of the highlights of National Coding Week 2017.

Read his story

A glance at last year

National Coding Week has been a huge success, with articles appearing in places such as The Telegraph, Computer Weekly, the BBC and even USA News.

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