National Coding Week 2023

16th August 2023

At long last!

Great News – National Coding Week returns in September for its 10th year!

Our main theme for this year will be Artificial Intelligence (AI). We will be exploring some key aspects of it with a series of thought-provoking posts. We will look at the benefits, the concerns and the implications of AI. We will also cover other important topics such as digital skills, cyber security and, of course, coding!

Week commencing Monday September 18th has been selected for National Coding Week 2023 but please feel free to share what you are doing throughout September.

We are a very small voluteer-led organisation so we don’t have resources of our own to organise events but we do encourage Schools, Digital Hubs, Businesses, Libraries and Individuals to share their skills and tell their stories. We hope that the week inspires children and adults to learn new digital skills and to become more tech savvy.

X marks the spot

You can share what you are doing or offer careers advice or tips though twitter (or X?!) or instagram – see the links below. (We didn’t have the heart to ditch the twitter bird). You can also use the hashtag #NationalCodingWeek to get our attention!