Meet YaizY – the new online learning experience for kids

7th September 2021

A new way of learning to code.

With Covid disrupting children’s education and an increase in home schooling; parents and teachers are looking for as much help as possible in order to support learning in and out of the classroom. So we caught up with Elena Pak Co-Founder of YaizY, and asked her about her unique UK-based coding courses for children.

What is YaizY and what is your mission?

YaizY is the platform where kids (8-17yrs) step on their lifelong learning journey with well-curated, high-quality courses in advanced subjects defining the future. We started with coding courses for kids but now deliver programs across multi-disciplinary arts, Roblox gaming, engineering and robotics, entrepreneurship for kids and more!

YaizY Logo

YaizY’s mission is to prepare kids for exciting life & work opportunities. Some of the most exciting and rewarding career prospects can be found in tech spaces. Technology is driving modern innovation and by learning to code, kids unlock a wealth of opportunities. 

For kids who want to learn to code, we offer courses in Scratch, Python and Roblox Game Design. 

Alongside hard skills in technical and creative fields, our courses also provide students with the opportunity to develop critical soft skills like project management, resilience and teamwork. Gaining these skills with YaizY allows kids to build an attractive CV or portfolio which strengthens applications to top universities. 

YaizY is the perfect learning companion for kids and parents who share our vision for education that disrupts tradition in order to pave the way for modern learning that best serves young people (8-17yrs). Today we have over 10000 children and young adults, who experienced learning with Yaizy, a full range of courses for 8-17 year olds and over 20 UK based tutors. 

What makes YaizY a great online learning experience for children?

YaizY’s future-forward methodology combines popular kids activities like Roblox gaming and cartoon creation with a robust learning program that teaches essential 21st-century skills and competencies. Kids have more fun, are more engaged, and perform better as a result.

On our innovative coding programs, YaizY students have fun building a robot to collect precious crystals. However, what they’re really doing is learning how to master loops and applying the concept to practical tasks.

As a parent or educator, you’ll find it easy to agree that it’s much harder to convince a child to do maths than it is to get them to play Roblox.

Do the children get support if they need help?

Live tutor-guided learning is at the heart of our methodology. It’s the cornerstone of our programs and it’s what makes YaizY so fantastic.

With positive encouragement from our tutors, YaizY students feel secure and confident to tackle new challenges. They have complete freedom to experiment in a safe error and judgment-free environment. 

All our tutors are UK-based and are either computer science teachers or industry professionals; this allows them to enrich each child’s educational journey. Plus, they provide key industry insights and are often aspirational role models for YaizY kids. 

With positive encouragement from our tutors, YaizY students feel secure and confident to tackle new challenges

At home, our tutors provide peace of mind to parents who know their child’s learning is in trusted hands. For schools, our online tutors make a great addition to established in-classroom teaching teams without having to facilitate the logistics of having someone physically come in. 

What are the the other benefits of YaizY?

No organising transport, no rushing from place to place you don’t even have to leave the house! As a parent or educator, that’s about as good as it gets, right?! YaizY is an ultra-convenient, flexible extra-curricular activity for kids that provides tremendous value.

What do you feel the impact of Covid has been on education?

Covid-19 forced parents, educators, and young students into an unprecedented few years of turmoil. Whilst for most, normality has resumed, young students still face uncertain times ahead.

New challenges present new opportunities. Many people have looked for alternative study options for their kids; either to ensure their children stay on top of their studies or to help them to acquire new skills to build their resilience.

No matter the reasoning YaizY offers incredible online programs for kids based on real-life projects. We designed each program to enrich their future and keep them engaged with the world around them.

This all sounds great but does YaizY suit all children?

Each child’s journey on Yaizy is unique and extraordinary. We want them to be the best versions of themselves so it’s only right we step up to the plate too.

Our small groups (6-8 students max) of tutor-led classes allow your child to benefit from the attention and quality of a private tutor whilst forming fun friendships with like-minded peers. It’s the perfect balance of 1 to 1 study and the collaborative feel of a larger class.

Your kids can literally learn cool digital skills like programming via their favourite game – Roblox. Or perhaps they’d rather code their own multi-level game or build robots? The sky’s truly the limit.

We are confident that children and parents will love our courses. It’s why we offer a free trial and a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee to every new student. This way, you can try YaizY and be sure it’s the right decision before committing. 

Why do you think children should learn digital skills?

I think there are 3 main reasons to build digital skills from a young age:

1.    Starting early is important. Research suggests coding at a young age is important because much like learning a foreign language, a child’s brain is more receptive to learning and integrating these new skills.

2.   Future success. Tech is essential in the workplace today, and associated skills will only grow in necessity.

3.   Builds soft skills of communication and critical thinking

Talking to a computer trains kids to break down complex ideas and arrange them in a way a computer can understand. People who can clearly communicate complex ideas in simple terms tend to be more successful in all walks of life.

Any advice to adults starting their coding journey?

It’s never too late to start your coding journey or develop digital skills. YaizY offers courses for 8–17-year-olds but what’s stopping you from giving coding or digital skills a try? Check out these additional resources to start building your digital skills ‘toolbelt’:

· “The skills toolkit” & essential digital skills framework

·         SQL Murder Mystery coding game for adults

·         New Skills Academy Coding, Web Design and IT classes for adults

Find out more about Yaizy by visiting their website during National Coding Week.