Meet John Assiter – JT Staff Member

7th September 2018

Hi, I’m John Assiter and I look after JT’s online self-serve touch points, which includes everything from our online portal to an array of self service mobile apps, helping our customers stay in direct control of their services, wherever they are in the world.
I’ve always had a passion for the digital world, even from a young age, regularly taking part in coding curriculums at school and completing my degree in Multimedia Production & Technology – all of which naturally attracted me to app development at JT.
Back in 2015 we launched a revolutionary smartphone App (JT My Account) for iOS/Android designed to give customers real-time information about their JT account, in the palm of their hand. My team crafted the concept and GUIs and Hollis Consulting, a software development company headquartered at the Digital Jersey Hub, brought the designs to life, undertaking the essential coding and ultimate delivery of the app.
I’m extremely proud of ‘JT My Account’ which was and still is a ‘first’ for the Channel Islands and was developed in response to customer feedback, with a key focus on accessibility, high performance and security.


Customers wanted to be able to monitor usage and manage their spend on the go, without having to wait for a monthly bill – which is exactly what the app fulfils.

The app translates complex billing information into something meaningful, providing customers with a 360-degree view of all their mobile, landline and broadband services held under their personal JT account.
Hollis Consulting founder John Hollis designed the Mobile Application Relay Service (MARS) which connects both the iPhone and Android Apps to the JT billing system. John’s team developed MARS to solve the impedance mismatch between a complex enterprise billing system and thousands of mobile devices. Intelligent caching using MARS technology provides security and performance for JT’s mobile users.


Since 2015, the app has evolved with an array of new rich features now being enjoyed by tens of thousands of active users across Jersey and Guernsey, every month.
Features include:

  • Parental controls for broadband – set up access times for family members
  • Consolidated account spend view – useful for families with multiple users
  • View data roaming usage in real time
  • Add account bolt-ons – such as international calling and roaming bolt-ons
  • Usage alerts for mobile and broadband services


We’re always looking at ways to improve the service provided by the app – giving customers the power to fully manage their account wherever, whenever they wish.