How Manchester’s SpacePortX is supporting National Coding Week

9th July 2015

“It’s our pleasure to announce that we’re supporting National Coding week in September! It’s a great way of getting adults into coding, and showcases how easy it is to learn and what you can accomplish.”


What is SpacePortX?


SpacePortX is a non-profit, community driven tech co-working space. We’re home to tech startups and entrepreneurs and put the tech community at the heart of every decision that we make. We host the majority to tech meetups in Manchester and add to the hustle and bustle of the tech scene.


Shaun Gibson, Doug Ward and Martin Bryant, co-founded SpacePortX as a way of better aligning the tech and startup communities, and they recently received government funding to open an 8 storey tech incubator space in the city centre, Forward. Forward will be the epicentre of the tech community and will help bring free coding education to anyone who is willing to learn.


“Manchester has a booming tech startup community we’re pushing to make tech more accessible to the masses and to make Manchester a top five European startup destination, aka #MCRTop5.”

Manchester has a booming tech startup community and we’re here to support it in any way that we can. You can find out more information about SpacePortX here.


What’s #MCRTop5?

Alongside Forward and the tech community, we’re pushing to make tech more accessible to the masses and to make Manchester a top five European startup destination, aka #MCRTop5.


All in all, #MCRTop5 is a community led project to help put Manchester on the map. We’re all about collaboration and we’re working with all the other co-working spaces, companies, startups and universities to pull together for #MCRTop5. We all want to make sure that this great city of ours is recognised on an international scale for the amazing work that’s being done here, and the incredible support that can be offered to startups from any industry.


How are we supporting National Coding Week?


As part of the community, we’ll be hosting coding sessions to help adults get into coding. These could be anything from mini hackathons, to full blown coding workshops, but attendees will have the support that they need, to make sure that they can go from beginner to coding winner, and will take place across various venues in the city centre.

We want to showcase all the amazing things that learning to code can do, and that it’s totally accessible for everyone. You don’t need to be a super computer whizz kid to learn and we want to show that!


We’re hoping to work with the community to bring together people to give more people access to learning how to code.

Want to know how you can get involved? You can reach out to us here: