Digital Skills Challenge 2021

22nd July 2021

National Coding Week is an annual event that prompts people to learn new digital skills or share the skills they have. In previous years we have had Businesses, Libraries, Hubs and Schools getting involved.

We are all volunteers and so this year has to be different. We won’t be holding events but we are throwing out a challenge to anyone who wants to have some fun!

  • If you are new to coding and want to have a go, then check out your local library or your local college which may have evening classes. You could, of course, start by reading through our suggestions: Coding – Where do I Start?
  • If you are an individual or business, why not use the hashtag #NationalCodingWeek and let us know how you got into coding / a digital job so you can inspire others
  • If you are a school and seeking ideas then check out this blog: Ideas for Schools
  • If you just want to have a bit of fun after a challenging year why not take part in our challenge!

So what’s our challenge?

When you learn to code you learn other skills too. Coding helps you build your:

  1. Communication Skills
  2. Problem Solving Skills
  3. Team Working Skills
  4. Digital Skills

Learning to code also boosts your Creative Skills, after all, if you can code an app but no one engages with it or the design looks poor or it doesn’t help people, then what’s the point?!

Creativity is a very important skill to learn and develop so for National Coding Week 2021 we would like you to show us your creativity!

So What Do You Need To Do?

  • Take a mini robot, drone, robotic vacuum cleaner, robo-lawnmower?!…… whatever is safe to use for your age
  • Program it to follow an obstacle course, dodge the obstacles and get to the end
  • Make your course as engaging and wacky as possible
  • Let us know what you did – we want you to have fun, make mistakes, learn from the mistakes and be creative!


You can do this by yourself or in pairs or in a team. Children or adults can take part.

Make a video of no longer than 2 minutes – show us what you did and which of the 4 key skills you learnt.

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Thursday 16th September 2021 and don’t forget to use the hashtag: #NationalCodingWeek

National Coding Week: 13th September 2021